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About Us

We would like to welcome you to our website and to Basin City, WA, the home of the Basin City Freedom Rodeo!  

We are a new PRCA rodeo in the Columbia River Circuit, but we are growing and improving by leaps and bounds.  Due to generous donations, we were able to completely rebuild our rodeo grounds in 2021!  We have additional improvements being made and lots of plans for future projects. 


We are excited to announce that we have been selected to participate as a qualifying rodeo in the Cinch Playoffs Governors Cup. The athletes that participate in our rodeo can use the points they gain to attempt to qualify for the Governors Cup held in Sioux Falls, SD in September. This event offers a significant payout of $1 million across eight events and has a major impact on determining who qualifies for the National Finals Rodeo. In addition, our rodeo will be televised on the Cowboy Channel. We are excited to be participating at this level and look forward to seeing y’all at our rodeo July 3rd-5th!

Let Freedom Rodeo!

New arena .jpg

Our Story

The Basin City Freedom Rodeo started in 2020, during a time of uncertainty due to the pandemic.  Many outstanding citizens of our community came together to stand up for our freedoms. In doing so, the Basin City Freedom Rodeo was born. The western heritage has deep roots in this area of Washington.  We are surrounded by acres of rich irrigated farm land, orchards, and vineyards. The town is small, but the community is remarkable.   


Old timers put up the first rodeo arena many years ago. It was used for several years and then left to go to weeds until the community revived it in 2020.  We wouldn’t have been able to grow and improve our rodeo grounds this quickly had it not been for the generous donations of The Bailie Memorial Youth Foundation.  It all started many years ago when Loen Bailie had a vision. He saw opportunities to help our community, more specifically children. He and his wife Estella had been unable to have children of their own, so in 1958, Loen formed the Bailie Memorial Boys Ranch, which was later changed to Bailie Memorial Youth Ranch. Currently, it is being used to house foster families.  Over the years, they have helped children and families that number too many to count. The Bailie Memorial Youth Foundation was formed to keep Loen’s legacy going. He knew the importance of community. He donated property for churches, and the local school, the park, and the ground this rodeo sits on.  In 2021, the Bailie Memorial Youth Foundation donated $150,000 to build an entirely new arena and continues to support our rodeo grounds improvements each year!   

Old arena.jpg


Kameron Jenks

& Scott English


Kathy Klaustermeyer


Christine Jenks


rodeo committee

Rowdy Barry

Doug Elliott

Roy Garland

Lisa Flatau

Shelby Courneya

Kellan Wegner

Davina Pink

Mike Pink

Mark Wieseler

Duane Howard

Shandiin Schwendiman

Merlin Quinton

Kindra Klaustermeyer

Candace Wegner

Ed Carnes

Case VanderMeulen

Joe Roe

Tony Jenks

Phyllis Quinton

Ryan Hull

Danika Pink-Zimmer

Brian Lloyd


rodeo hands

Cutter Easterday

Clay Easterday

Jerrad Johnston

Shannon Roske

Gabe Tolrud

Brenden Davis

Bill Waters

Jean Lewis

Brianna Carrigan

Austin Smith

Randy Havenor

Ken Muller

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